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Emmi Pet: Interview with Dr Dagmar Brunner

Emmi Pet: Interview with Dr Dagmar Brunner

Following the great success of Emmi Pet and Emmi Dent – interviews were a must. After receiving such amazing results, the team were dedicated on ensuring this was available to all those pet passionate humans!

Here we go! Understanding a product, to using it, and then releasing the amazing results, must be mentioned somewhere. And here we are, a dedicated blog post, on all of the amazing information regarding Emmi Pet.

Who can ensure us about health, and long-lasting results, better than Doctor Dagmar Brunner. And that is not all, it is a full interview. So, all those important questions you are sometimes unsure about, or have nobody to answer for you, have been answered. Because we understand, once Emmi Pet has been used, you will have hundreds of questions on your mind, about how this could be possible, the effects caused to your pet and so on!

So, let us dig in!

Emmi Pet: About Doctor. Dagmar Brunner:

Doctor. Dagmar Brunner holds a PhD in veterinary medicine (LMU Munich) and has been working in her own practice since 1985. After further education and training her specialties are homeopathy, acupuncturist, and alternative veterinary medicine (holistic medicine). In 1994, she successfully completed the training as an animal kinesiologist with an additional sensitivity training.

To begin with, questions had been sent in from customers who have used Emmi Pet, who would like to use it, but still feel unsure, and questions that we as a team had, because come on, we are all still learning.

Interview based in: Veterinarian, Bachofen, Germany

1. For which dogs is the ultrasonic toothbrush by Emmi Pet suitable for?

The ultrasonic toothbrush is suitable for every dog. No matter if small or big, young, or old.

With these results, you can pretty much use Emmi Pet for all your 4-legged animals (ensure it a dog please). The comfort it brings, ensures it could be used without hassle, or pain caused.

2. For which dog age can I use Emmi Pet?

I recommend using the Emmi Pet after the change of teeth of very young dogs. Because especially in this phase, the dogs suffer now and then from pain and the gums are inflamed during the change. The ultrasound toothbrush can relieve the pain and thus facilitate the change of the teeth. In addition, the dog is accustomed to the use of the brush already at a young age.

It is our duty to protect their young teeth, to ensure they do not become damaged. To protect these, Emmi Pet is a must!

3. Does Emmi Pet attack the tooth structure of my dog?

The tooth structure is under no circumstances attacked by the gentle ultrasound of the brush. Rather, it prevents bacteria from settling in the gums. Thus, the gentle ultrasound prevents the dog’s gums from becoming painfully inflamed.

4. Why is the use of Emmi Pet in addition to professional scaling at the vet recommended?

And how often should the Emmi-Pet be used (daily, weekly, monthly)?

Regular use of Emmi Pet prevents new tartar infestation. Thus, painful inflammations of the gums are reduced, and existing inflammations are healed by using the ultrasonic toothbrush. The gums are strengthened and stay healthy. The frequency of using Emmi Pet depends on the condition of the dog’s gums and teeth. With daily use of the ultrasonic toothbrush, only parts of the dentition can be sounded, because especially on the fang’s forms tartar very quickly. For a weekly treatment, I recommend cleaning the complete dentition.

Following on from Doctor Brunner’s answer, we can see that based upon your animal’s teeth, it can be used throughout their care, no matter how damaged or healthy their teeth may be.

Emmi Pet: Following on

5. How do I get my dog used to Emmi Pet?

It is really easy because Emmi Pet is completely silent and does not vibrate. With a bit of practice and a few treats, applying positive conditioning to most of the dogs works fast and well.

The brush is placed on a tooth for six seconds before the position is changed. A treat and a few words of praise in between and the dog quickly gets used to the use of the ultrasonic toothbrush. Many of my four-legged patients have quickly come to understand that the treatment is helpful and relieves their pain.

6. Should Emmi Pet be used as prophylaxis on a daily basis, or can even existing tartar be removed with the Ultrasonic toothbrush?

The ultrasonic toothbrush can be used daily, but it does not have to. Because ultimately, it depends on the conditioning of the teeth of your dog. As a rule, smaller races are much more susceptible to tartar formation than larger specimens.

With Emmi Pet even existing tartar can be easily removed. Of course, the lower the tartar infestation, the easier and faster the tartar can be removed. Therefore, I advocate using the ultrasonic toothbrush strengthens the gums and thus ensures healthy teeth.

7. Which diseases can be prevented by the regular use of the ultrasonic toothbrush? 

With regular use, gingivitis can be prevented as well as tartar formation. The ultrasonic toothbrush strengthens the gums and thus ensures healthy teeth.

An owner’s worst nightmare is knowing your animal is suffering. But image putting that aside, with a simple step. ‘What can I do to protect their teeth’. – and the answer to that is simple. Emmi Pet!

8. What experience have you had so far with Emmi Pet?

I have only had the best experienced with the ultrasonic toothbrush and have been recommending it to a large number of my clients over and over again. In my practise I use Emmi Pet on a regular basis, even if I have to put dogs under anaesthesia because of severe gingivitis, the ultrasonic toothbrush is often the method of choice. In contrast to conventional instruments, the tartar can be removed easily and quickly with Emmi Pet, the ultrasound removes the bacteria, which only lead to the painful inflammation and the inflamed gums are quickly regenerated by the gentle ultrasound.

In conclusion, the results definitely showed a well-known doctor, some astonishing results! The best part?


In Conclusion:

“For me, there is no gentler and more effective method than the ultrasonic toothbrush. That is why I like to give Emmi Pet dog owners a hand to spare their four-foot partners unnecessary anaesthesia. I too have my ultrasonic brush for humans, and I am thrilled. And what makes me feel good, can only be the best for my four-legged friends.

This concludes that Doctor Brunner, has nothing but amazing things to say about Emmi Pet. Because in the end, it is nothing but perfect and natural!

Following this amazing interview, we have received messages thanking the team here, for all the information that has been shared. Because in the end, our passion is pets! And most of all, keeping them, and their health, in heart!

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