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Emmi Pet is the ultimate oral care solution for pets. With an innovative design using advanced ultrasound technology, we ensure a pleasant and stress-free experience while guaranteeing a deep clean of their teeth and gums. Emmi Pet is both revolutionary and a must-have for all pet owners.

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How the Emmi Pet Toothbrush Works

The patented Piezo chip located in the brush head generates up to 96 million oscillations per minute. For comparison, electric toothbrushes generate approx 20,000 oscillations per minute

Emmi-pet ultrasonic toothpaste creates millions of micro-bubbles, which “implode” and clean the teeth, gums, palate, and tongue in the most effective way. Completely silent and motionless with absolutely no vibration so your pet remains relaxed. Simply wet the brush head, apply the toothpaste, and hold it against the teeth and gums. No brushing is required.

The device has control LEDs in 3 colors to tell you when the toothbrush is switched on, needs to be recharged, and charging. Green LED shows when your brush is switched on and working, a red LED displays when your brush needs to be charged and a blue LED indicates when your brush is on charge.  The blue light will automatically go out once your device is fully charged.

Emmi Pet Benefits

Emmi-pet is the ultimate solution for oral care as it not only efficiently cleans your pet’s teeth- removing heavy tartar, plaque, and staining but works prophylactically to prevent and protect against periodontitis, chronic mouth cavity diseases, tartar formation, bad breath odor, and the need for anesthesia during mechanical removal of tartar.

Ultrasound also promotes blood circulation in the gingiva which keeps gums healthy and free from inflammation whilst aiding healing processes. Finally, a clinically proven oral health treatment can be safely and easily implemented from the comfort of your home.

The emmi®-pet has been certified by the specialized department for animal husbandry and animal welfare (FFT) in Austria as an animal protection-oriented product.

Emmi Pet Toothbrush Attachments

The Emmi-pet ultrasonic attachments are specially developed for the thorough and gentle dental care of dogs. By transmitting ultrasound from the piezo chip which is located in the brush head the bristles can clean where normal toothbrush bristles find difficult to reach. The small brush attachment is recommended to clean incisors and small molars and the large brush attachment is used to clean canine teeth and larger molars.

When you order directly with Pure Ultrasonic I can provide you with however many individual brush heads you require and also offer discounted packs of 14 which you can have in whatever ratio of small to large you need.


Here is a small selection of the most popular 5-star rated Emmi Pet products available. This range of products is perfect for owners and groomers alike, so take a look through and contact us if you are interested.

Emmi Pet 2.0 Basic Set
Starter Package

Emmi Pet Groomers
Special Bundle

Emmi Pet Marketing
Leaflets 50/100 Pack

Emmi Pet
Rosewood Sticks

Emmi Pet
Mascot “Lucky”

Emmi Pet
Tartar Remover

Emmi Pet
Large Brush Heads

Emmi Pet
Small Brush Heads

Emmi Pet P2
Ultrasonic Attachments

Emmi Pet Large Brush
Heads – 14 Pack

Emmi Pet Small Brush
Heads – 14 Pack

Emmi Pet ZA Ultrasound
Toothpaste for Pets 75ml

Dental Gel

Emmi Pet Oral
Disinfection Spray

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