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Emmi Dent: Your Questions Answered

EmmiDent: Your Questions Answered

We all know that cleaning our teeth is absolutely essential. However, truly cleaning your teeth can be incredibly difficult. With all the damaging foods and drinks that we consume, effectively cleaning your teeth has never been more important. Emmident is revolutionary technology, an ultrasonic toothbrush that completely innovates teeth cleaning.

The ultrasonic Emmident toothbrush has been proven time and time again to be incredibly effective in a number of extensive studies. This toothbrush can be used to fight a variety of oral diseases and reduce the bacterial count in your oral cavity significantly.

Emmident products can completely transform your oral hygiene for the better. Want to find out more? Here are answers to the questions we’re asked all the time.

“My teeth are stained. Can Emmi Dent really help?”

Emmident can remove even the worst of stains within several weeks. Clinical studies were conducted in 2012, 2013, and 2018 that all showed the effectiveness of Emmi Dent.

Emmident offers a professional clean that is on par with getting your teeth cleaned by your dentist. Dentists actually recommend Emmident to their patients as it is such an effective product.

“Can you use ordinary toothpaste?”

Emmident only works with Emmident toothpaste. Emmident toothpaste contains microbubbles that assist in the effective cleaning of your teeth.

Emmi Dent brushes are only effective with emmident toothpaste. An Emmi Dent toothbrush operates based on patented ultrasound technology. Microcleaning occurs without movement and virtually contact-free, so no other toothpaste would offer the same comprehensive clean.



“Can Emmi Dent be used on dentures?”

Emmident can be used on dentures and crowns. Emmident products can also be used on implants, inlays, veneers, and ortho appliances. In fact, it is particularly effective for both when compared with average teeth cleaning solutions. We have many case studies from happy customers with dentures and crowns which vouch for how effective Emmident actually is.

Emmi products enable you to maintain a high level of dental hygiene. Regardless of whether you have crowns or dentures, you can rely on the products that we offer.

“Is Emmident suitable for pets?”

Emmident products are not suitable for pets, as they are likely to find the minimal vibrations and noises disturbing. Fortunately, there is an Emmi product – Emmipet – which has been designed especially for pets such as cats, horses and dogs.

Emmipet products are designed with pets in mind, meaning there is absolutely no vibration or sound, both of which can disconcert to pets. If you want to find out more about Emmipet, you can view our blog which explains the products in detail.



Emmident: Transform how you clean your teeth

Emmident products can completely transform how you clean your teeth. If you want a pearly white smile and brilliant dental hygiene, look no further.

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