Emmi Dent

Emmi Dent products allow you to completely transform your teeth. Whether your teeth are stained or are simply missing the shine you want, Emmi Dent products can make a massive difference!


Emmi Pet

Emmi Pet is revolutionising dental care for pets across the globe, allowing pets to have their teeth cleaned without having to be put under anaesthesia.


Your Local Groomer

If you are a local groomer, Emmi Pet products enable you to offer teeth cleaning services to pets, removing the need for anaesthesia.

About Pure Ultrasonic

Hello and welcome to Pure Ultrasonic. I am an independent distributor for Emmi Ultrasonic, the manufacturer of innovative and groundbreaking Emmi Dent and Emmi Pet products.

Find out more about our revolutionary products for you and your pets and when you are ready to order simply contact me and I’ll be happy to talk you through everything you need to know.

I keep a full stock ready for next-day dispatch and ship internationally.  I’ll help you through the process of deciding what you need to order and actually ordering, making your life that bit easier.

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How Emmi Pet Products Work

Want to find out how to use the Emmi Pet toothbrushes? We have videos that demonstrate how you can use innovative Emmi Pet technology to clean your pets’ teeth effectively.


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Explore Your Options

Whether you want Emmi Pet or Emmi Dent, we can help you to select the best products for your requirements. Simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to offer guidance.

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