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Emmi Pet: 2.0 Launch

Emmi Pet: Another Amazing Launch – Emmi – Pet 2.0

Emmi Ultrasonic has launched yet again another astonishing product for your amazing pets! Emmi-Pet 2.0 has been optimised to deliver improved ultrasonic clocking for significantly better effectiveness in dealing with your beloved pets’ skin and teeth. Providing your pet with an effective oral hygiene solution in the comfort of their own home has never been easier!

To prevent your pets being put under risky anesthetic, Pure Ultrasonic are proud to deliver just the thing. Emmi-Pet 2.0 is a very popular product with our pet owners as well as our four-legged friends, as it is 100% animal friendly and provides the professional care that all pet owners want for their healthy pets.

Emmi Pet: Why 2.0?

Why wouldn’t it be?! Emmi-Pet 2.0 provides not just any toothbrush but one that will improve cleaning results pain free! You heard right! Pain free! Our amazing product prevents plaque from building leaving your pet with not just healthy gums but fresher breath. Emmi-Pet 2.0 offers that piece of mind for pet owners who want to provide their pets with the best care and innovative health products.

Let’s talk about the amazing experience for your pets, as their comfort is vital. We have all had a time when we wish our pets wouldn’t have to suffer pain or feel threatened. This is why the Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic Toothbrush was designed to not make any strange noises or movement which encourages your pet to accept the toothbrush and remain relaxed. Emmi-Pet 2.0 comes with two ultrasonic attachments which are specially developed for the thorough and gentle dental care of cats, dogs and horses. It cleans with ultrasound where normal bristles are difficult to reach. The large attachment is recommended to clean canine teeth and large molars and the small attachment for use on incisors and small molars. However if you would prefer 2x small or 2x large attachments simply state your preference when ordering direct with Pure Ultrasonic. Healthy teeth provide a strong dentition and prevent further diseases. Your pet will appreciate it.

It is recommended to replace the ultrasonic attachments of emmi®-pet after 3 months of use. After this time, the ability of the attachment bristles to effectively transmit ultrasound waves will diminish and therefore optimum dental cleaning and oral hygiene can no longer be guaranteed.

Emmi-Pet 2.0 has a complete energy-saving function, which not only keeps the product quiet from any noise or vibration but also automatically switches off after 6 minutes. To make it easier for you we have a built-in light which will shine green to show it is on and effectively transmitting ultrasound.

Emmi Pet: And that is NOT it

Emmi-Pet 2.0 comes complete with the specially formulated Emmi-pet toothpaste which is edible so your pets can taste it before its applied! The Ultrasonic Toothpaste is enriched with microbubbles to ensure gentle cleaning.

When used with Emmi-Pet 2.0 The ultrasound implodes millions of microbubbles every split second on the teeth which is absolutely harmless and creates a suction effect that removes plaque and impurities on the teeth. These microbubbles are up to one hundred times smaller than a plaque bacteria as a result they penetrate everywhere into the gaps and smallest hairline cracks in the enamel in order to clean more deeply, effectively and gently.

The use of Emmi®-pet ultrasound eliminates abrasive brushing of the teeth. That’s why the emmi®-pet ultrasonic dentifrices are so gentle on enamel and gums. Teeth retain their natural protection against bacteria and germs, and the risk of tooth and gum disease can be significantly reduced.

What does this actually mean for your pets?

The improved ultrasonic frequency will allow the formula to make its way into the highly effected areas and will make a difference instantly. This is why Emmi-Pet 2.0 and Ultrasonic toothpaste is highly recommended to ensure only the best quality ingredients are used for top results.

A traditional toothpaste will not generate the micro-activity (generation of micro-bubbles) which is indispensable for the functioning of the emmi®-pet Ultrasound in dental care applications.

Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic Toothpaste contains NO fluoride, NO gluten, No micro plastic and No nano material! All the ingredients used are animal friendly so can be used on all your four-legged friends. No wonder we have been certified as an animal welfare-friendly product and named as Leading Innovators In Dental Cleaning Technology 2019!

Emmi Pet: Simplicity for you and your pets!

A product that leaves amazing results should be easy to use right? Your pets can’t tell you if they have a toothache, so it is hard to tell when they need any dental help. That is exactly why we have made Emmi-Pet 2.0 so simple.

All you have to do is follow three easy steps. That’s all! As Emmi-Pet 2.0 uses patented ultrasonic technology no scrubbing or brushing is needed. All you do is wet the brush head with water, apply the Ultrasonic Toothpaste and hold the Emmi-Pet 2.0 on the teeth.

The Ultrasonic frequency bubbles break down all the bacteria making it easier for impurities to remove themselves from the teeth, completely harmless. Your pet feels no pain whatsoever! Regular use saves the additional visit to the vet for dog and owner: emmi®-pet ultrasonic removes dental plaque easily and prevents dental calculus as well as tooth and gum diseases. We recommend to use the Emmi®-pet for dental and mouth care approximately 1 to 3 times a week (veterinarians recommend a daily use).

The duration of the cleaning should be between 3 – 10 minutes depending on the degree of contamination of your pets’ teeth. If regular cleaning is happening (daily tooth cleaning) 3 minutes are enough as part of the prevention. If your pets’ teeth are cleaned irregularly with the emmi®-pet, we recommend intensive sonication of the teeth for up to 10 minutes. Ultrasound is absolutely harmless to your animal.

If you haven’t tried this before just read what our amazing pet owners have to say or check out our gallery for before and after images from just a handful of our happy customers. A happy pet creates a happy home!

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