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Emmi Pet: Professional Teeth Cleaning for Your Pet

Emmi Pet

Emmi Pet: Professional Teeth Cleaning for Your Pet

The hygiene of your pet is very important. Although you might not realise, pets can suffer from a large number of dental diseases in the way that humans do. Unfortunately for pets, they’re unable to tell us when they’re suffering and often do not enjoy having their teeth brushed! If you struggle to clean the teeth of your pet, Emmi Pet could be the perfect solution.

Emmipet is a revolutionary product that has completely transformed the way veterinarians and owners are cleaning the teeth of pets. Emmi®-pet was certified in Austria in July 2016 by the Agency for Animal Care (FTT) as an animal-friendly product and received the official animal care mark; the entire report can be found at and is generally seen as the way forward when it comes to cleaning pets’ teeth. Here’s all you need to know about the product revolutionising animal oral care.

Emmi Pet: Removing the need for brushing

Emmi pet uses ultrasound technology to form millions of microbubbles which can penetrate the smallest gaps where they implode and remove impurities such as food particles, tartar, plaque and bacteria.

Most pets don’t enjoy having their teeth brushed, which often leads to owners simply neglecting this vital part of grooming. Unfortunately, avoiding cleaning your pet’s teeth is going to cause problems for them in the long run. With Emmi Pet, you can ensure that your pet’s teeth and gums are effectively cleaned without having to brush their teeth as Emmi-pet does not require physical brushing but instead a gentle and motionless action, simply holding the toothbrush in contact with the teeth and gums.

Emmipet has been clinically tested and proven to prevent dental diseases in pets, removing troublesome plaque and helping to reduce gum inflammation and calculus formation.



Emmipet: Instructions for use

Using Emmi Pet is fairly simple once you know how. These easy to follow instructions advise on how you can safely and effectively use the product.

  • Place a small amount of the emmi pet toothpaste on your finger and allow your pet to inspect it. Your pet will become familiar with the smell and taste of the toothpaste before you attempt to clean their teeth.
  • Swtich on and hold the toothbrush to your pet’s mouth and gently stroke their face to show there is nothing to fear, allowing you pet to become accustomed with the brush.
  • Wet the brush head and apply Emmipet toothpaste and gently begin cleaning your pet’s teeth from back to front. Hold the brush gently to the surface of teeth and gums to avoid alarming your pet.

Using Emmipet is so simple and incredibly effective, so it’s perfect for cleaning the teeth of any pet, from cats, dogs and even horses.



Does Emmi Pet work?

Have you tried teeth treatments for your pet before and ended up disappointed? Unfortunately the majority of teeth cleaning products for pets are limited and most do not work as effectively as you might expect.

If you’re concerned about whether Emmi Pet is genuinely effective, view our gallery. The positive impacts of Emmi Pet are plain to see. We also have a number of testimonials that you can read from a number of delighted customers.

If you’re interested in purchasing Emmipet for your pet or your grooming business, please enquire today. It would delight us to talk you through the cost-effective products that are available to you.

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