Orozyme Dental Gel

Orozyme Dental Gel

Better safe than sorry!

Dental plaque is formed by bacterial by-products in the mouth which leads to bad breath, tartar and gingivitis and if left untreated can result in gum recession and premature tooth loss. Orozyme ® Dental Care Gel is the ideal solution for effective oral hygiene. The contained peroxidase system – an enzyme complex of saliva – helps maintain the natural balance of microorganisms in the mouth. Since the effectiveness of this system depends on the degree of salivation, which in turn is influenced by the general state of health, feeding and age, it makes sense to administer the peroxidase system in addition to dental care with the Emmi Pet.

Orozyme ® Dental Care Gel also contains a surfactant that ensures sufficient contact of Orozyme ® with teeth and gums. The enzyme complex infiltrates the plaque, destroying the basis for bacterial growth. This process supports the destruction of existing plaques and prevents further plaque formation. In addition, plaque is mechanically removed by mild polishing agents contained in the gel with the help of the dog’s saliva and tongue.

It is recommended to apply directly to the mouth once a day preferably on both sides between the lips and the gums. For dogs it is best to put directly into the mouth. The package includes an attachment to help facilitate administration to small dogs. For cats you can either put directly into the mouth or apply to a paw to lick it. Small dogs and cats require 1cm gel. For larger dogs under 20kg apply 2cm gel and for dogs over 20kg we recommend 5cm gel. No brushing is required.

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